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Battle of the Books
The BF Battle of the Books team will compete against Chesterton Middle School and Thomas Jefferson Middle School in three virtual battles from the comfort of the BF library.  The season will run from October 1, 2019 until Spring Break.  Teams made up of three or four students will read two books chosen by the coaches for each battle, totaling six books.  Then we will compete using Quizizz against our opponents.  There will be one practice just before each battle. An individual battle will also be held in the same format on the same day as battle 3 in March.  Spectators are not allowed during the practices or battles since we are competing online.
Student commitment is to read ALL six books and come to three practices and three battles.  Practices and battles will be after school until about 4 pm.  Students will be able to ride the late bus home.  The first two books will be announced on October 1st.  The BF library will have multiple copies of all six books.  Last year, the team voted to get t-shirts that cost just under $7.  We will vote on this again for this season.  
Personally see Ms. McCormack in the BF library to sign up.  Sign ups will end Friday, September 20th or when we hit 30 students.  
Last year, all three competitions were won by team Fabulous Four with Stella W., Norah, Gwen, and Stella G.
Picture of winners
We also had an individual Battle of the Books!  First place went to Finn M., second to Madison B., and third place to Norah R.
Book Art
Mrs. Saavedra and Ms. McCormack hosted a book art craft in the library during Viking Time. 
Here is the final product and the wonderful ladies who made them.
Book Art Craft Pic