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2021 Fall Gymnastics Results
The results are in the order we competed:
Valpo  1  101.15   Crown Point 1  95.45
     Valpo took 1-5 on Vault; 1-4 on BBeam.  Coe Krischke won Uneven Bars, Floor, and All-Around; Olivia Koedyker won Vault and Beam
Valpo  2  82.0  Crown Point 2  72.65
     Olivia Magieera won Vault, Uneven Bars and All-Around; Maureen Kolar tied for first on Uneven Bars.
Valpo 1  100.4     Hobart 1  96.4     LaPorte 1  88.9
     Valpo took 1-3 on Floor, and 1-6 on Vault!  Coe Krischke won Vault and Floor; Olivia Koedyker won Beam.
Valpo 2  82.5     Hobart 2  58.9
     Catherine Dyer and Maureen Kolar were co-champs on Uneven Bars, and Peyton Hillmann won All-Around.
Valpo 1  99.95     Merrillville 1  98.6
     Valpo took 1-3 on Vault and Floor; Olivia Koedyker won Vault, and Coe Krischke won floor and was second All-Around.
Valpo 2  85.95     Merrillville 2  81.45
     Peyton Hillmann won Beam and All Around; Sydney Brown won Vault.
Valpo 1 99.95     LaPorte 96.05     Portage  81.65
     Valpo went 1-3 on Vault and 1-4 on Floor.  Coe Krischke won Vault, Beam, and All Around; Olivia Koedyker won Floor.
Valpo 2  82.5
We finished our season undefeated!   Team 1 6-0; Team 2 3-0.
Conference Championship Meet:
Valpo 101.6     Merrillville  99.35     Crown Point  98.6     Lake Central  96.05
Hobart  95.65  LaPorte  92.1           Portage  87.25
Valpo Placers:
Vault:  1.  Olivia Koedyker  8.65            Uneven Bars:  4.  Coe Krischke  8.55
           3.  Claire Jacobson  8.6                                     7.  Danyelle Peres  8.1
           6.  Teagan Bennett  8.4                                     10.  Olivia Koedyker  7.8
Beam:  1.  Olivia Koedyker  9.05           Floor Exercise:  4.  Olivia Koedyker  8.65
             9.  Danyelle Peres  8.3                                        5.  Danyelle Peres  8.6
                                                                                         8.  Coe Krischke  8.55
All-Around:  4.  Olivia Koedyker  34.2
                    5.  Danyelle Peres  33.35
                    6.  Coe Krischke  33.2
The team is comprised of gymnasts from both TJ and BF, who practice at Valparaiso High School every day after school.  following are the members:
Teagan Bennett, Sydney Brown, Olivia Casbon, Emma Creekmore, Catherine Dyer, Payton Hillmann, Claire Jacobson, Olivia Koedyker, Maureen Kolar, Coe Krischke, Olivia Magiera, Cassidy O'Connell, Megan Pace, Danyelle Peres, Fiona Skafish.  Coaches are Lorie Cook and Angie Moon.
Middle School Gymnastics (both BF and TJ) tryouts will be held August 12 and 13 at the VHS Fieldhouse, from 3:30-5:30.  All 6-8th grade girls interested must have their completed physical packets turned in to their respective Middle Schools before tryouts begin.  
Competition is at the Optional level only, and expected skill performance includes:
FX: Roundoff back handspring, back handspring
B:  Cartwheel on a medium beam
UB:  Squat on jump to the high bar
V:  Handspring over the table
There will be a parents meeting at the VHS Fieldhouse on Monday, August 9th at 7:00pm.  Please contact coach Lorie Cook at [email protected] for more information.